About Us

Who we are

FreshSight Queen’s provides students with the opportunity to develop their professional skillset, while making a meaningful impact on a local and national scale. Our team members are aspiring professionals who are driven to gain practical experience outside the classroom.

What we do

FreshSight Queen’s provides pro-bono consulting services to local charities and national non-profit organizations. Need to conduct primary market research to better segment your customer base? Our team can help. Want to generate additional revenue without drastically expanding operations? We can do that too. We understand the challenges of working within a non-profit organization, and relish the opportunity to think outside the box and find innovative solutions. Whatever your problem, let us leverage our diverse team to solve it for you.

Why we're different

FreshSight Queen’s brings together some of the brightest students from a variety of academic disciplines, ensuring a multi-dimensional approach to every project. Our team regularly participates in development sessions, and each project is supported by professionals with valuable industry experience, guaranteeing a high-quality finished product.