FreshSight Queen's

Pro-Bono Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations

Empowering students to exercise their innovative visions as consultants for non-profit organizations.

FreshSight Queen’s Consulting is a student-run, pro-bono consultancy serving clients across North America.

Our diverse backgrounds and skill sets allow our consultants to tackle a wide range of problems from cutting edge technological advancements to multi-national donor retention plans, to industry and financial analysis.

We invest in delivering the greatest impact to our clients while developing Canada’s top future consultants.

Our Process​

Our mission is to bring together students from Queen’s University to better the community, while offering the resources necessary to develop consulting and leadership skills.

Top Talent

The FreshSight team is comprised of the best and brightest students from both the Smith School of Business and Engineering Faculty at Queen’s University

Co-creative Approach

We work with our clients throughout the project to ensure that their vision is executed and that they feel they own and can implement their solutions.

Corporate Guidance

All FreshSight consulting teams are mentored by top industry professionals who provide guidance and support throughout projects.

Corporate Partners

Our team works with industry partners throughout projects to ensure that all levels of each case are managed and that our consultants have the resources they need to refine their consulting skill-set.

Alumni Placements